Day 2 and still feeling positive

If every day was like this weekend I’d be a happy girl. No munchies again today and I wasn’t even tempted by the chocolate buttons my husband bought for the children, or his peanut M&Ms – usually I would be having a massive strop at having them waved in my face before caving in, so I am happy to find that my resolve is still strong 🙂

Tomorrow I am going on my 5 year old’s school trip to a local zoo farm. My packed lunch, newly purchased snuggy warm hat and paracetamol are all ready, I’m not sure I am though…

35g porridge – HexB
250ml semi skimmed milk – HexA
Sliced banana
1/2 tbsp maple syrup – 0.5

Homemade SW burger – 5 syns for bap
Ketchup – 0.5 syn (was all I could get out of the flipping bottle)
Side salad

Slow cooked beef
Potatoes roasted in fry light
Gravy from Knorr gravy pot – 1 syn
Yorkshire pudding – 2.5 syns

Mug of tea using milk from allowance
2 mugs of green tea
1 mug of camomile and spiced apple tea

Total syns: 9.5


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