New month, new start

Well from a healthy eating and fitness point of view anyway.

I’m crap at sticking to diets, I admit this. Yet something needs to be done about my expanding waistline and for once I feel 100% committed to actually losing a few of my excess stones. It’s not just the fact that I’ve never been able to bear the thought of moving up to a size 18 and I’m getting pretty close. My mum was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago and I’m paranoid that I will end up following her down that path. She manages it brilliantly with diet and for the first time ever now weighs less than me. But she also has a whole host of other health problems and it’s made me realise that my best chance of not going down that road too is to be fit, healthy and a more acceptable (to me) weight.  I want to be around for my children for a very long time. 

I’ve spent the past year or so piddling about thinking I can go it alone, it’s all common sense after all, but have now conceded that I can’t. So here I am, having rejoined Slimming World yesterday, 12lb heavier than the last time I joined. And a strange thing happened. I didn’t hate the meeting. I have always loved the concept of Slimming World but found the happy clappy meetings cringey and as a result usually end up not staying to them. A few weeks later not staying to them becomes not going at all. Hopefully not hating this one, and being welcomed by a very friendly bunch of people yesterday, will mean I actually get something from it this time. 

I will be turning 40 in November and want to be fab and fit, not fat and frumpy. 

I’m going to bore anyone that cares to read this blog with my daily food diary, so I’ll kick off with yesterday.  For once I didn’t have the munchies and I’ll credit this to the fact that I was busy running around with the family all day (and the fact that I didn’t turn to Cadburys in despair after my children turned feral in Go Outdoors is testament to my determination I think). I’m going to include all drinks, as I’m aware that I often don’t drink enough fluids. 

35g porridge – HexB
250ml semi skimmed milk – HexA
Sliced banana
Spoonful of fat free natural yogurt
1tbs maple syrup – 2 syns

Thai style mugshot – 0.5 syns
Side salad

Chicken with black bean sauce – 5 syns
Boiled rice

2 plums
2 mugs of tea with milk from allowance
1 glass of water
1 mug of peppermint tea
1 mug of camomile and spiced apple tea

Total syns – 7.5


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