My first challenge

Today had the potential to be a healthy eating disaster. I didn’t get to sleep until gone 3.30am and then had my first school trip as a parent to get through. As it turned out it was all fine and dandy. The freezing temperatures kept me wide awake, although thankfully the rain stayed away.

I even saved a few syns as I was full enough after my free/healthy extra lunch to not fancy the Snack-A-Jack curls I had budgeted for and popped in my bag. This meant I had ample syns left for the Mars Bar my 5 year old’s teacher gave us parents for going, although I did share it with my husband (13 syns on a single bar of chocolate scares me).

Slimming World veterans, can I get away with counting a school day’s worth of squelching around a zoo farm as Body Magic?

Muller light

Bread roll – HexB
1tsp light spread – 1 syn
3 babybel lights – HexA

Spaghetti bolognese
Activia 0% fat yogurt

0.5 Mars Bar – 6.5 syns
Options Indulgence hot chocolate – 3 syns
Dash of milk in tea – 0.5 syns

Total syns: 11


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