Still here!

Clearly I am not the most prolific blogger! But for once it’s not because I’ve simply given up, but because I’ve been too busy, knackered and/or sneezy to keep on top of it. It’s been as much as I can do to fill in my food diary each day recently. I will try to be more frequent.

I’ve not given up, quite the contrary. I’m still feeling as motivated as I did on the day I rejoined Slimming World. I’ve had two weigh ins since my last post and lost 3.5lbs on the first week and 2.5lb yesterday. I’m keeping everything crossed for my first half stone next Saturday, despite the challenge of half term!

This is also the first time in living memory that I’ve been a Slimming World member and stuck to it 100% for two whole weeks (and counting). I actually feel really positive that I can do it this time 🙂

While I’m here, this is what I ate today

Mixed berries and pomegranate seeds
Fat free Greek style yogurt
Mug of tea – 0.5 syn for the milk

Wholemeal roll – HexB
Cheese – HexA
1tbs coleslaw – 1 syn

SW sausage casserole (recipe from website) – 3 syns for the sausages
Potato/sweet potato mashed with quark

Curly wurly – 6 syns
Nescafé gingerbread latte – 4.5 syns
Muller light

Total syns – 15


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