Week 3 and a weight loss disappointment

Or I should say lack of weight loss disappointment. As far as I know I’ve not strayed from the plan once since I joined Slimming World on 1 February and I was hoping to get my first half stone award today. But I stayed the same. It’s not a gain I know, but I brooded about it until my turn to talk in IMAGE therapy, when my Consultant gave me a little pep talk, I told everyone I would be getting that award next week and I had another Whatsapp pep talk from that Slimming World veteran, target member and all-round SW guru @oddlyboddly.

What has made me realise that I mean business this time is that in the past I would have abandoned all attempts at the first disappointment, bought a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and started looking out the latest Domino’s offers. Today I resolved to redouble efforts and went straight to Asda for healthy supplies.

I WILL be bragging about my first half stone next Saturday, make no mistake!

Here is what I’ve eaten today.

Muller light

Flat mushroom topped with halloumi (HexA)
Egg baked in scooped out beef tomato
Spaghetti hoops

Fakeaway KFC (chicken, egg, smash granules)
Corn on the cob
Big salad

Ryvita minis (HexB)
Milk in tea (0.5)
Curly wurly (6)
Pink n white (2.5)

Total syns – 9



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