I made it to double figures!

Another Saturday, another weigh in. And I made it to 10.5lbs lost today – it was oh so very nearly 11lbs but the scales flitted back and forth for a while and then settled on a 1.5lb loss for me this week.

It has been a good food week. I tried some new Slimming World friendly meals: homemade burgers with a mini babybel tucked inside that was just divine and despite not being a great fan of lamb, I had a go at a lamb rogan josh recipe I found on Slimming World’s website. It really was very nice and I’ll make it again. Unfortunately just as I went to nuke the Uncle Ben’s I discovered that we only had one single portion pouch left in the cupboard to split between me and my husband, but it was still a filling meal!


This evening we ventured out for a family meal – the first time we have eaten out since I rejoined. Never has a meal been so carefully considered! We went to the Harvester where I had Simply Chicken with a jacket potato and peas (no butter requested, although I added a synned little pat of butter from the salad cart to my potato since I had 14 to spare). I also had masses of superfree salad. It was lovely, filling and not at all shabby for Β£5.99! I passed on dessert, although I did pinch a couple of chunks of fruit from my 2 year old’s Tutti Fruity. He was more interested in the ice cream part anyway.

I’m hoping to lose another 2lbs next week to bring me down to the next stone bracket and then I will be chasing that first stone award.

My consultant asked today how I am finding the plan and I replied honestly that I’m really enjoying it. It already feels like I could eat this way for life.

As ever, I’d love to hear how my fellow losers have got on this week πŸ™‚


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