Another mini goal achieved!

Well I didn’t manage the hoped for one stone award this week, but I am now in the next stone bracket down.

Just a little 1/2lb loss this week. I have a work dinner next week with absolutely nothing Slimming World friendly on the menu, so I’m going to have one meal off and eat as well as I can for the rest of the week. The offending dinner will follow a physical volunteering afternoon so hopefully that will provide some damage limitation 🙂

I suspect exercise is key for me. The only week I’ve maintained so far was when I had a stinking cold so didn’t go running at all. This week I’ve only been out once due to a work meeting being inconsiderately scheduled for a running lunchtime and got a smaller loss.

So I am aiming to up the exercise this week. have nothing stopping me from doing both lunchtime runs this week – and our little group of novice joggers are signing up for RFL on payday and we want to run it all, so it will give us some focus. I also joined a new gym this week – £9.99 a month, billy bargain – although it doesn’t open until the end of April.

Another thing I have noticed this week is how naturally good optimising is coming to me now. It truly does feel like a way of life now and I am confident that not only will I actually hit my target eventually, but that I can eat this way for life. For the first time I don’t feel deprived, I have a synned treat every day – this week I have Freddo Frogs and Nescafé Cafe Menu gingerbread lattes for my sweet treats and a variety of Snack a Jacks for my savoury. I’m a little bit in love with the sweet chilli ones… I have noticed that a small piece of chocolate is more than enough for me and tastes divine because I’m not having it every day, let alone several times a day like the old me, so even a Freddo Frog feels like a treat!

One that note I shall bid you farewell for another week and enjoy today’s lunch – bacon cheeseburger, paprika chips and salad. Yum!



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