Up yours, droopy drawers

Today was my ninth weigh in with Slimming World. As I walked across the car park to my meeting I became aware that my knickers were falling down. I was unsure whether I should be pleased about this or not. It certainly felt like a double edged sword yesterday when I saw myself in the lift mirror at work and realised that my once very tight skinny jeans are now so baggy that coupled with my boots, I looked like I’d come to work dressed like a jockey. I was mortified! On the plus side, my other skinny jeans – the ones with not very much give in them that wouldn’t even do up two months ago – are currently on, done up and feeling pretty damn comfy thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

I was a little nervous about today’s weigh in as for the first time since I joined in February, I had a meal this week that I was completely unable to syn. I went out for a meal with my team and since nothing on the set menu was even slightly Slimming World friendly, I decided I may as well enjoy myself so went for the calamari, sea bass and tiramisu. And wine. Lots of wine. Then I got straight back to the healthy eating the next day. After all, slim people have the occasional feast too, it’s when it’s not occasional that you have a problem!

My night off had been preceded by an afternoon of digging and planting part of a maze at Wild Place as part of a team building volunteering exercise, so I was hopeful that some damage limitation had been achieved. And the run the day before was fantastic, I was really proud of my running buddy and myself as we barely walked at all – definitely our best running effort yet!

As it turned out, I got a loss this week. 1.5lbs of loss, which saw me get my first stone award!

I celebrated by buying smaller knickers ๐Ÿ˜€



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