A sad day at my Slimming World group

This week has been up and down. I got a bit snack happy mid-week and my syns went beyond 15 on a couple of days, although I did get back on track and for once didn’t let a couple of mishaps dictate my entire week.

So I headed to my weigh in this morning prepared for bad news. And I got it, albeit it not in the way I was anticipating.

When I arrived there was a little group of people at the entrance and an area manager took me to one side before I got as far as the meeting room. She explained that my consultant had passed away, quite unexpectedly, in his sleep this week. There was still a meeting of sorts for those who wanted to carry on as usual today, but when I went in the mood was, obviously, incredibly sombre and the early arrivers seemed to be mostly weighing and leaving.

The lady at the scales was doing her best to keep business running as usual, although she was clearly shaken. And suddenly I didn’t really care if I had gained weight this week – it seemed like such a trivial concern in the circumstances. She encouraged me to set my final target this week now that I’ve seen some consistent weight loss success, which I did. I still have a long way to go but I know where I’m heading and how to get there. And I actually had a loss!

Then I went back to my car and burst into tears. I haven’t been a member of this group for very long, and in fact will be changing groups in a few weeks when my husband starts working on Saturdays. But my consultant was a nice guy who didn’t seem to much care for the guff that I have loathed in other Slimming World meetings. He rocked up every week in his scruffs, didn’t touch that bloody PDA, wasn’t overly bothered with Slimmer of the Week and appeared to ignore Slimmer of the Month altogether. I liked that!

So I would like to thank Steve for helping me lose that first stone, and setting me on the right track for the next 4.



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