An experiment

It’s been a bit of an up and down week food-wise. I’ve had a couple of munchie days but tried to up my superfree on the other days to counter it and it paid off – another 1lb down for me this week.

I have, however, decided to conduct an experiment this week. For years I have suffered from what my GP diagnosed a long time ago as intermittent muscle inflammation. I can go ages without a flare up – years even – but when it hits it can take months to bugger off again. This most recent flare up isn’t the most painful I’ve experienced by a long shot – that would be during a holiday in Greece in 2005 – but it does get very uncomfortable, especially when I’ve been inactive for a while. And it’s been going on since Christmas and getting a little worse as time goes on. Evening and night times when I am sitting or lying down for long periods are when it hits worst. Interestingly I get no pain at all when I’m running.

This week I remembered once reading that a side effect of artificial sweeteners can include muscle pain. And let’s face it, a lot of my Slimming World friendly staple food contains them – Muller Lights, Options hot chocolate, HiFi bars… So I am going to ditch them all for a week and see if the discomfort in my right hip and leg lessens as a result.

I am now on day one of sweetener-free and I’m sitting on the sofa in comfort – no niggly “tugging” sensation down my leg so far. This could be coincidence so I shall continue to monitor it and update here, but I do have a suspicion that I may have found the cause…


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