An Easter miracle!

So a week ago I embarked on a mission to eliminate artificial sweeteners from my diet to see if this helped with some leg discomfort I have been experiencing. Despite almost automatically reaching for an Options or Muller Light a couple of times, I have remained sweetener-free and although I still have a little stiffness in my right hip, there has definitely been an improvement. I’m not sure how practical it will be to say I’ll never consume anything with artificial sweeteners again, but I shall certainly work at making them occasional rather than daily in future.

Now, I’m not sure whether it is the elimination of my sugar-free sweet treats, the school holidays or the fact that I have a stinking cold and felt like a big germ for a couple of days this week, but I’ve gone right off the Slimming World rails this week. I was mad at myself because I’ve been doing so well but just couldn’t seem to stop stuffing my face with crap.

Therefore it was a bit of a personal Easter miracle that I lost another 1.5lb this week, taking me just 1.5lb from my Club 10 mini goal – that is 10 per cent of my start weight. I realise that this week’s good luck could catch up with me on the scales next week, so I am going to concentrate on speed and super speed foods. It occurs to me that while I’m pretty clued up on superfree foods now, I couldn’t name many speed foods off the top of my head. So now I am going to sit down with my handbook and plan some weight crunching meals for next week.

After I’ve made the family a lovely chicken pizza from my new Fakeaways books that is!


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