A blip on my Slimming World trip

I am cross with myself. I’ve been doing so well with my weight loss until now, right on the brink of comfortably dropping my first dress size and it’s gone slightly to crap over the past fortnight.

Last week saw my first gain. A few factors contributed to this. It’s been crazy busy at work, and there have been quite a few celebratory cakes flying around. As an emotional eater, stress along with access to free cake is a red flag. To my credit, I have at least stopped at one instead of going back for seconds and thirds like the old me.

I also changed groups, which meant a 10 day gap between weigh ins and switching from a morning to evening weigh. My former consultant warned me that a small gain was likely in those circumstances, so really I was lucky to get away with just a 1lb gain after Cake Week.

This week is the one that has made me cross. Work has settled down a little yet I can’t seem to stop myself pigging out. Not every day admittedly, and I am able to pull things back (in the past I would just write off the whole week on day one). But enough off-days to see a maintain this week.

I absolutely will not allow all that good progress go to waste so I have had a word with myself. My exercise has also gone off track recently but I have put a run in the diary with my running buddy for this week, I’ve started a weekly Pilates session at lunchtime and my gym induction is booked in for Friday. Between all of those I shouldn’t have any excuse to not fit some sort of exercise into my week! And I’m going to sit down and work out a plan of action for those stressy munchy times.

Any tips gratefully received!


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