It’s a kind of magic

Magic. Magic. Magic. MAAAGIIIC!

Body Magic that is. I have finally started logging my exercise as, although I have been regularly exercising ever since (and indeed before) I joined Slimming World in February, I haven’t been regular or consistent enough to work towards an award. My routine this far has been going running twice a week and I’ve struggled to summon the energy to do the requisite third session of something.

That changed a couple of weeks ago when I signed up to a weekly Pilates session, held at lunchtimes in my office. But then life and work (and a deep clean of the office dry room meaning my towel vanished into the ether – thank god I noticed that BEFORE the session!) got in the way of the running schedule.

That is all going to change. My gym finally opened at the end of last week and I’ve already had my first spin class and signed up for more, twice a week. It was surprisingly un-tortuous for my first class in around 7 years. I remember my very first spin class when I totally overdid it, nearly puked and then had to rapidly mince down the road for the bus afterwards because I couldn’t pick my feet up. The worst I suffered this time was leg wobbles on the stairs as I left. Who puts a spin studio on the first floor anyway, have they not seen Run Fatboy, Run?

My main Body Magic problem is the FIT log. Does anyone have the first clue how to fill the convoluted thing in? Answers on a postcard please.


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