Weight is just a number

I cannot tell a lie. I’ve been a bit crap on the slimming front over the past few weeks and it’s caught up with me with a gain this week. I held my little 1.5 stone crown for a mere week… But I am going to do my level best to get it back next week. I was doing so well when I was at my old group and I do wonder whether switching has sent me off course for some reason. I loved my old group, people would all chip in with tips and advice and I learned so much, but at my new group all I learned this week (the first I have stayed to so far) is what everyone else lost or gained. I miss the little things, like my late consultant asking everyone if they had tried any new recipes that week before the roll call started, and going away with a few new ideas of things to try.

It’s not all been bad though. My new gym has finally opened and I’m actually enjoying it. I’ve been going to at least one (sometimes two) spin classes a week and am noticing a difference in the tone of my thighs already. I am also – kids willing – booked onto my first Sh’Bam class tomorrow night. I have no idea what to expect, except that it’s similar to Zumba, but I’ve never been to a Zumba class either.

I’ve been making an effort to try a new recipe each week as well. Tonight I made mac n cheese from the latest Slimming World magazine which, whilst not really a patch on Proper Fat macaroni cheese, wasn’t too shabby at all.

20140529-084646 pm-74806583.jpg

I’ve also resolved to jazz up my work lunches so it’s not always some sort of roll and a synned packet of crisps, or a bit of salad and not very much else, which has been leading me to overeating in the evenings recently. This is tomorrow’s lunch all ready to go – still salad but with a little more substance.

20140529-084915 pm-74955883.jpg

And finally, having seen #100happydays doing the rounds for a while, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon to inject some positivity into my life. Today is day one and it had to be this – over the weekend I bought a couple of pairs of trousers in the next size down. Then today I pulled these babies out of the wardrobe, where they have been in hibernation for a few years now – and they only blooming fit and everything. They were even decent enough looking to get worn to Sainsburys this morning 😊

20140529-085329 pm-75209160.jpg

I also did my measurements again and despite only having a 2lbs difference since the last measure, I have lost another 3 inches in total.

So sod the number on the scales, it doesn’t change this week’s real personal victories after all!


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