Getting my healthy eating mojo back

Well a miracle occurred on the scales on Tuesday. I have been properly off the Slimming World rails for the past week. I honestly didn’t care what I ate. Then on Sunday I felt rubbish. Not guilty, life’s too short to feel guilty for eating Ben & Jerry’s. But I did feel horribly bloated and blimpy, I had no motivation for exercise and Krakatoa erupted on my chin.

So I had a chat with myself. Sarah#1 wanted to know if I really wanted to start wearing those size 16 clothes again when I’ve only just got back into 14s and it took me a decade of yoyoing to get there. Sarah#2 just wanted another round of toast REALLY badly.

Sarah#1 won the battle and after two days of speed foods and original days I managed a 0.5lb loss, which takes me right back to my lowest weight from about a month ago. That alone has spurred me on. Sarah#2 is still around wittering on and sometimes I cave to her demands, but mostly I feel I am getting back on track and I’m going to sort out all the clothes that are too big next week and get rid of them, to remove that particular comfort blanket. Put on loads of weight and I’ll be walking around naked – if that doesn’t motivate me then nothing will!

Having said that, I am in the car heading for Peppa Pig World with the family as I write this. We are staying away overnight and then heading home tomorrow. I won’t be food optimising for the duration. This is probably the only break we’ll get this year so I won’t feel bad about having two days of what I fancy. You have to live too.

Plus my husband did the shopping for today’s picnic and the only remotely Slimming World friendly items are a limp pre-packed salad and some bananas!


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