The week I got my gym mojo back

Well I’m not quite there getting back on track with food optimising yet – it appears that the wagon I fell off was a hoofing great big one – but I am slowly getting back into the whole moving my arse a bit more thing. I even reach 10k steps on my FitBit twice last week, get me!

I must admit, the recent heatwave and some dreadful hayfever has put me off the running regime in recent weeks. Life has also got in the way of my lunchtime sessions at work. Then I had the horrified realisation that I am supposed to be attempting to run the Race for Life 5k in two weeks’ time and thought I should make the effort so off I trotted on Saturday evening and managed the first 1km okay… and then I appeared to gulp in a lungful of pollen and had to abandon the session before I passed away wearing Lycra.

So my thoughts turned back to my gym membership. I only joined in May with the thinking that for £9.99 a month it didn’t matter if I only went once a week alongside my running and Pilates. And I was good for a while but then I got bored with doing spin all the time (one of the few classes at a convenient time for me that I could actually get booked onto) and my enthusiasm waned a bit.

So I had a scroll down the classes and thought circuits sounded like a bloody good all rounder for what I need. Basically toning EVERYTHING. Naturally there was a waiting list, so I joined it and prepared myself to end up just using the gym equipment. I got an email at midnight the night before informing me that I had made the class, so Sunday morning at 8.30, after a panicked plea for (received) reassurance on the gym’s Facebook page that I wasn’t about to give myself a heart attack, saw me standing next to a step and a barbell wondering what the hell I had let myself in for.

It was tough going, but I wasn’t the only newbie and I wasn’t the only “generously proportioned” girl in the class. I met a nice lady who showed me what to do at each of the stations. And do you know what? I bloody enjoyed it! I booked myself on to next week’s class the nanosecond it appeared on the schedule. I won’t lie, I ached a lot yesterday and my legs feel like they’ve been ripped apart from inside today, but it’s a good pain. I worked hard and am feeling the burn. I feel that it will all be worth it in the long run 🙂

(PS: I did manage a healthy Slimming World breakfast after my workout. Here’s some gratuitous food porn)

20140623-094146 pm-78106848.jpg


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