Brushing away the tumbleweed

Hello there! Remember me? It’s been a while hasn’t it? I just haven’t been feeling the weight loss love. In fact, I have put a few pounds back on. But the good news is that it’s totally reversible, I’ve not gone into freefall or anything, I’ve still been going to Slimming World and, for the most part, maintaining. I really need to get back in the SW saddle now though, and nothing prompts a newfound determination than your six year old daughter dishing out the tough love with “mummy’s got a fat tummy” during a conversation with her brother about Daddy Pig… and his fat tummy. How the hell did I get caught in that crossfire?! In fact it was my toddler son that prompted my initial joining of SW after he jumped on my jelly belly and gleefully squealed “BOUNCY CASTLE!!!” 😮

It’s true though. I have lost weight but I have loads more still to go and it’s not going to spontaneously combust.

I’ve already felt the exercise bug reigniting over the past few weeks after a month or so of cantbearseditis and now I have my foodie enthusiasm slowly creeping back in. I suspect part of my issue is boredom with what I’m eating so my task for the next week is to zing up the old menu plan. And stick to the plan natch. And try to be a better loser 🙂


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