One day at a time

This is how I am now approaching this weight loss thing. One day at a time.

It’s not been going well lately. I lost my way and just over half a stone has crept back on. Something this week seems to have kicked my backside back onto the wagon though. I literally went from not really caring to launching myself back into Slimming World in the time it took me to walk into town yesterday lunchtime to learn that another 1.5lb had gone back on. I left those scales with a newfound resolve and have managed to stay on plan for two whole days now without it being a massive internal struggle.

It was this evening when I realised that I really have turned a corner again. I popped to Asda for some nibbles to tide me over until the main food shop and two things happened. I didn’t grab my usual pack of Kitkats because despite them being a relatively SW-friendly treat, I know that I can’t be trusted to just have one. Then I didn’t pick up a single off plan fat treat on my way to the checkout. No “just this once and back on it tomorrow” cake, chocolate bar or pack of Haribo. Because I won’t get back on it tomorrow, I’ll just think sod it, I’ve blown it again, may as well have a jam doughnut now.

This fat treat resistance hasn’t happened to me in a very long time. It reminded me very much of those first few months when I was motivated and doing brilliantly. I even forced myself out for a run at lunchtime for the first time in absolutely ages – here’s hoping that I’ve finally rediscovered my mojo!


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